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Our company ALES BERAN VELKOOBCHOD Ltd. was established in 1992 and counts to largest suppliers of nob-less wood products in Czech Republic. Thanks to big number of local, so as European clients, our products are to be found in many destinations and countries including Germany, Austria, France, so as Great Britain, Poland, Slovakia and many other locations all over Europe.

Advanced management, new technologies and big interest in continuous process improvement strategy resulted into fast grow of the company, and this is why we add to timber harvesting activity the trade activities soon.

Year 2010 became next milestone in our business for we started - after long-term investigation and preparation - activities related to renewable energy supply. As one of the first in our country our company because 100% Waste-Less, starting to process and modify all production outputs into biomass.

Year 2011 was the year of Pallet and wooden Packaging secondary utilisaiton. We have signed an partnership agreement with most advanced japanese logistics company SUMISHO GLOBAL LOGISTICS EUROPE as partner for OWWP project. This project was rated by independent agencies and experts as first positive contribution of Global supply chain to environment. Since than our company is able to manage 100% volume of generated OWWP units.

Our advantages

* Fast response to client´s requests
* Flexible process modification following the changing market and client´s needs
* Large supplier, source and client network
* Own logistics including warehouse, trucks and lorries
* Close cooperation with local so as international partners with the aim to achieve highest possible efficiency

* High quality pallets including EUR, INDUSTRIAL, BOXES, PALLET EXTENSIONS, OVERSEA PALLETS and other units