The activities related to improvement of environmental impact of timber harvesting and production has started in 2009. One of the main aspects was the concern of009.jpg (1327613 bytes) production waste utilization. As one of first companies in the country we have reached ZERO WASTE level. Our surplus products have been processed and finally utilized by biomass consumers to produce heat so as electricity in the region.

Due to increasing demand from customers sites we have looked for possibility to increase the supply level and volume of high quality biomass and wood pellets and thanks to close cooperation with leading Japanese logistics company SUMISHO GLOBAL LOGISTICS EUROPE we have been given the chance to process the outputs of industrial production especially in form of One Way Wooden Pallets (OWWP) utilization.

These high quality wood products have been processed as waste and based on this fact finish in 80% on dumping grounds. Lack of exact evidence, proof of environmental friendly consumption and the fact that re-utilization and recycling was missing in many cases meant that, we have supported strongly the project with our machinery to process the pallets into wooden pellets after secondary usage.

Drevni-stepka-2.jpg (36208 bytes)The industrial waste in form of One Way Wooden Pallets is being generated not only in West Bohemia, but in all regions of the country and in all over Europe, the activity results into expansion of this projects behind the borders of West Bohemia and Czech Republic.

Biomass belongs to most interesting renewable energy sources. Thanks to the combination of own produced biomass and OWWP output and due to the fact that the importance of renewable sources is growing we are sure, that our products will be appreciated by all clients. The Heating Facility of Plzen, so as other biomass consumers enjoy the high heating efficiency of our biomass which makes us one of major biomass suppliers.


Permanent growth of the company is supported by investment in new technology which doubled the volume of machinery use. As one of new product, company started to produce wood briquets for heating purposes. New service become very fast key program of the company.